• The trust of our customers in our company
  • High quality of our products
  • Offering solution-oriented services
  • Satisfaction-oriented team work
  • Creating a brand value


Today, we are proud of contributing to our country's industry by closely following technological developments.
Our company produces and distributes according to the standards of our industry with the cooperation by the producers of the world wide proved ones. At present, among the rare companies which locate 18000 different kinds of stainless steel processing materials in stock, Borsen Boru A.Ş. thanks to its high stock level, it responds to every sector of our industry and contributes to the continuity of these enterprises.Besides Stainless pipes,valves and fittings which are used in industrial processes,also the materials which has different technical specifications and require advanced technology like duplex and super duplex have been manufactured and owned in stocks. In Alfa Laval Flow Equipment product group,our company is the Turkey’s Sales Representative.Particularly Stainless Steel Sanitary Food Norm pipes, all sanitary Fittings materials, hygienic butterfly type valves and equipment that may be needed in the sector as well as the tank accessories product groups keeping with high stock levels.Our company is capable of delivering high-pressure systems and instrumentation tube fittings and valves which are used predominantly in hydraulic and pneumatic lines of cogeneration and marine industry thanks to the Representation of Ham-let Valves Fittings Company.


Assuming customer satisfaction as a principle, and contributing to the development of our country, being listed among the ISO second 500 companies in 2018, and among the ISO first 500 companies in 2025. Being one of the reference companies in manufacturing and quality of pipes.